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What should I consider before the first meeting?

It is helpful, if before the meeting, you think about:

  1. Who should be named as the person who would handle paperwork and control your assets if you were unable to do so? (This can be an individual, such as a family member or friend, or could be an institution, such as the trust department of a bank.)

  2. Who are the beneficiaries who should eventually receive assets? This information would be the same as the plan of distribution which would ordinarily be put in a will.

  3. Determine the approximate value of your estate, including all assets such as investments, real estate, personal property, life insurance, IRAs, and pensions. The total value of assets is not required to be disclosed to anyone, but, if you choose to disclose this information to the attorney, potential probate costs, tax considerations, and other costs or concerns can be analyzed. Exact values are not necessary since valuations change over time anyway, but knowledge of approximate net worth and the types of assets will be helpful to the attorney.

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